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Since the dawn of civilization man has attempted to create mirrors by hammering shiny metals into flat surfaces. Clearly the need to see the world can never be fully satisfied unless we see it reflected. After all, without mirrors, how would we know what we actually looked like?

At Peacock Laboratories, Inc. silvering technology has gone far beyond generating accurate optical reflection. In addition to advanced products for silver metalizing and other mirror backing technologies, we offer a range of products, capabilities and application equipment for advanced reflective, decorative and conductive surfaces. From products for the bedroom bureau to optical and communication components used in the frontiers of outer space, companies have learned to trust Peacock Labs as the right resource.

Building on a history of discovery and invention
Over the years Peacock Labs has been awarded numerous patents for the products and processes we've developed. As a result of our research and development, today's mirror manufacturers have substantially reduced manufacturing costs and virtually eliminated the problems of mirror spoilage.

Peacock was founded in 1930 by William Peacock. In just 10 years our leadership in silvering technologies made us desirable to Libby Owens Ford (LOF) and we were acquired in 1940. By 1950, Peacock became independent again, and since that time we have remained at the forefront of research and development in the fields of mirror and electroforming technologies.

A tradition of quality and reliability
Quality control at Peacock Labs includes checking representative samples of every solution and technical coating we produce. It is our goal to assure that any product you order from Peacock fulfills expectations and performs successfully for the intended purpose. In addition, our experience and technical knowledge of the field is on-call to help customers manufacture mirrored products efficiently, effectively and economically.

Should you have a unique application or an unusual specification to meet, count on Peacock to work with you to find the best way to achieve the results you envision. Because of the changing nature of mirroring technology in recent years, much of our laboratory work has been dedicated to the development of custom solutions.

Breakthroughs that break the mold
During the half-century we have been in operation we have pioneered a variety of innovative mirror and electroplating techniques. For example:

  • Non-Electrolytic copper backed mirrors
  • Galena Blue Mirrors
  • Conveyorized silvering systems
  • Double nozzle silver spray guns and instantaneous spraying methods
  • Specialized sensitizers to silver coat non-glass surfaces such as wax, ceramic, plastic, ink, etc.
  • "Sludgeless" silvering concentrates

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