The Peacock Laboratories, Inc. new Balanced Silvering Spray Gun sprays the silvering solution from one nozzle and the reducer from the other. Both are controlled from a single trigger and the close to perfect balance means the gun can be used by either the left or right hand. The gun is designed so that the mix of the sprays takes place on the glass, not in the air. This results in a silvering which is both more consistent and more even than could be achieved by previous spray guns.


Peacock has a number of instruction documents for product usage.
Click on the link below to view the instruction document of interest.

HE-300 Pouring Instructions: Silvering New Glass and Resilvering

HE-300 Spraying Instructions: Silvering New Glass and Resilvering

L-400 Silver Spraying Instructions for First Surface Reflections and Decorative Use

L-14 Spray Instructions for Metalising Holograms for Electroforming

Making Acrylic Mirrors by Silver Spraying

Silvering Gazing Globes

Pouring Instructions for Gold Plating on Glass

Chroming and other Decorative Finishing Instructions using Peacock Labs' PChrome Formulations

Tech Data Sheet for Peacock #145 Acid Resist Mirro Bond Black/White

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