Major Auto Manufacturer Considers
New Chroming Process
PHILADELPHIA, PA (November 12, 2008) - A major European auto manufacturer is testing the efficacy, cost saving, and chrome-like appearance of PChrome, a new spray-on chroming system developed by Peacock Laboratories of Philadelphia PA.

Metal finisher finds inexpensive
alternative to chrome plating.
Neil Taylor founded Chrome Technologies in Warren Ohio in 1986. Since then he has become a specialist in the application of a wide variety of challenging coatings. For unique interior or exterior decorative effects, he is the man in Ohio to turn to. Either he's done a job similar to yours before, or he has the experience and know-how to figure out the best way to proceed. When it comes to shutters, steel doors, crown moldings, or cast statues designed for outdoor installation Chrome Technologies provides unique finishes available nowhere else. more...

Leading sculptor discovers reliable
way to protect exterior installations
ST. LOUIS, MO (September 22, 2008) - Harry Weber, the artist who created the monumental "Captains' Return" commemorating the Lewis & Clark expedition had a problem. His sculpture was to be installed on the banks of the Mississippi where flooding would submerge it on a regular basis. How could he protect it from the regular assault of river silt, chemical pollutants, and rushing water? more...

New, advanced Chroming System
Shines bright for less money.
PHILADELPHIA, PA (September 15, 2008) - Sending out fenders, wheels or other antique auto parts for traditional chrome plating is expensive. Now there's an innovative new system that provides a gleaming chrome-like finish at a fraction of the cost. The PChrome system was developed Peacock Labs in Philadelphia, a firm that that revolutionized the brightness of mirror reflection with a new backing technology. more...

Unique New Lacquer Preserves Art,
Takes on the Great Outdoors.
Philadelphia, PA. (April 25, 2005) - The powerful bronze sculptures created by Kansas sculptor Jim Bass are intended to last for years to come. But when welded bronze is continuously exposed to the blazing summer sun, freezing winters, driving winds and acid, there can be major problems conserving the artwork's original appearance. Problems that Mr. Bass has solved with PERMALAC, a new technical coating from Peacock Laboratories in Philadelphia, PA.  more...

New lacquer shines outdoors;
provides protection on a variety of surfaces.
Philadelphia, PA (March 14, 2005) -  PERMALAC is a new quick-dry, crystal clear coating developed by Peacock Laboratories of Philadelphia. This air-dry lacquer has been engineered to provide highly durable exterior protection on steel, aluminum, copper, silver and bronze as well as steel, wood, terracotta and concrete. The addition of UV and corrosion inhibitors to PERMALAC assures endurance in harsh conditions ranging from Arctic freezing, to desert heat, to beach front salt air.  more...

New Coating for Ironwork
Provides Long Term Protection
Philadelphia PA (June 24, 2005) - Blacksmithing company, Integrity Ironworks, LLC of Phoenix Arizona, specializes in fabricating custom ornamental pieces and hand-forged ironwork for large estate owners. Owner, Ivan Ananyev, is recognized for his unique creativity and imaginative designs. Today, his work is respected throughout the Southwest.  more...




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