Permalac is a clear air-dry lacquer that is designed for exterior protection of surfaces of steel, aluminum, copper, silver and bronze at higher temperatures. Permalac contains inhibitors for UV and corrosion protection. It has been found that even a blow torch could not discolor a brass fitting protected by Permalac! In a recent field test, Permalac outperformed 6 other coatings including Syncrylac in protecting steel surfaces. It should give satisfactory exterior protection for at least ten years under normal conditions. Considerably longer life is expected. For brush application, it is ready to use. For spray application thin with #281thinner. Permalac air dries to the touch in less than 5 minutes; may be force dried faster at 250 F. Air dries hard in an hour or so, depending on the film thickness, temperature etc.   Click here Testimonials, Technical data and to ORDER ONLINE

VARIOUS SIZE PAINT CANS OF PERMALAC A remarkable interior/exterior coating which is air-dried and provides a glossy, crystal clear, highly durable finish. Originally developed as a protective finish for copper, brass and bronze, Permalac has also been used successfully on steel, wood, terracotta and concrete. It is weatherproof, and resistant to both ultraviolet light and salt air atmospheres.

Quart Cans $43.31 each
Gallons $80.44.00each
5 Gallons $371.25 each

55 Gallon Drums $3200 each

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Use this link to view the product Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

A ready to spray formulation of Permalac in a matte finish. Approximate coverage upto 350 Square feet per gallon can. Mix with glossy Permalac to obtain a range of finishes from Matte to Semi-Gloss to Gloss.

Gallons $80.44 each
5 Gallons $371.25 each

PERMALAC-Spray Lacquer ***NEW***
A ready to spray formulation of Permalac in an aerosol can. Approximate coverage upto 35 Square feet per 12 ounce can.

Cans $24.60 each

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Black tinted Permalac that has special ingredients to chemically bond to the copper layer of a mirror without harmful organic lead compounds. Apply by brush, spray or flow coating methods. Thin with Peacock's #281 Thinner as needed. Approximate coverage is 400 Square feet per gallon.

Quart Cans $35.55 each
Gallons $65.86 each
5 Gallons $50.59 per gallon
$43.00 per gallon, 5 or more
55 Gallon Drums $37.00 per gallon

Use this link to view the product Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).


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