Industrial Silvering


Reflecting the Future of Silvering Technologies

Since the 1930s, Peacock Labs has been at the forefront of producing chemicals, solutions, coatings, equipment, and supplies for the manufacturing of mirrors and the metalizing of various substrates. Representative samples of solution and paint batches are carefully checked in our laboratory. This assures that the product will perform successfully for the intended purpose.

Our company is comprised of three leading manufacturing entities, each a leader in their respective fields:

A Thirst for Research

Our thirst for innovation is never satiated, and our team is always experimenting and developing new formulations. Many of our formulations were the result of  customer special requests.

Help with procedures pertaining to the many phases of mirror making and metalizing are available to our customers, with a telephone call and our printed materials. We work with you in finding solutions to problems and finding new applications for the silvering process.

 Since our inception in the 1930s, we have accumulated vast amounts of information on coatings of silver, gold, copper, other metals, and polymers. If you do not find what you need, or if you have other questions, contact us. We will do our very best help you.


Vinyl Records are Super-Popular… Again!

Electroforming, sometimes referenced as Electroplating, is the process of making a copy of the lacquer Master in a fortified material that will be able to withstand the pressures of mass replication. First, it is sprayed with a silver solution to create a copy called a Mother. Next, the Mother is placed in a nickel bath to create a Stamper. Stampers have raised grooves used to press indentations into vinyl. For larger runs, a three-step process is used to create a Father, from which many Mothers and subsequently Stampers can be created. Depending on the number of records that need to be pressed, multiple Stampers will be created.

Peacock Labs is pleased to be a part of the renaissance the vinyl record industry is enjoying.


“It’s not the glass that’s important, it’s what you see through it.”

Some of the most creative artists worldwide rely on Peacock Labs when they want a mirrored surface. Josiah McElheny is an artist and sculptor, primarily known for his work with glass blowing and assemblages of glass and mirrored glassed objects. He is a 2006 recipient of the MacArthur Fellows Program. He currently lives and works in New York City and his work always leaves us breathless.

Terrific support. When I needed some advice and the person I spoke with in Customer Service went well out of their way to ensure I used the products properly and got the result I wanted.

Robert R.

My art studio shop loves Peacock Labs. These are some of the easiest (and best) ways to bring metal and plastics alive.

Stephen C.

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