Since ancient times, people have been on a quest to perfect the optical reliability of reflection technology. It took a lot of work to create level surface glass and uniform thickness of the silver reflecting medium. Today, however, advanced silvering technologies enable flawless mirroring surfaces to be applied to various fixed and flexible surfaces. Many of these cutting-edge technologies are provided by Peacock Laboratories, Inc. Founded in 1930, our company has been a leader in developing silver and other metallurgical technologies for reflective, decorative, and conductive surfaces. We also offer equipment that ensures the flawless application of mirroring surfaces and coatings to protect these surfaces from atmospheric degradation. In addition, our stringent quality control program supports our unwavering commitment to discovering new uses and applications for silver and other metalizing processes. This program ensures that all components of our formulations meet high standards, and we also test representative samples of the formulated solutions and paint batches. This guarantees that any product ordered from Peacock Labs will perform successfully for its intended purpose.

Permalac Clearcoats:

Peacock Laboratories, Inc.’s extraordinary interior/exterior coating, Permalac, is air-dried and provides a crystal clear, highly durable finish. Originally developed as a protective finish for copper, brass, and bronze, it has also been used successfully on steel, wood, terracotta, and concrete. Permalac is weatherproof and resistant to ultraviolet light and salt air atmospheres. It prevents discoloration even under extreme conditions such as exposure to a blowtorch. In a recent field test, Permalac outperformed six competitive coatings.

Leading-Edge Silver Solutions for Reflective, Decorative, and Conductive Surfaces

HE-300 System

A high efficiency (HE), 3-part pouring silver system used extensively by the hand silvering and recording industries.

Because of its improved glass adhesion, it deposits more silver with less waste. The slower deposit rate of this system is ideal for the inside of blown glass, bottles, and glass aggregates. It tends to produce a “warmer” toned, but robust silver. Good for antiquing.

HE-400 System

A high efficiency (HE), 2-part sprayable silver system which produces very clear bright silver.

It is good for first surface and two-way mirror applications. Will produce clean bright film on glass, resin, and most types of plastic. Silver will not burn from over-application.

HE-600 System

A high efficiency (HE), 2-part system which is our most cost-effective sprayable silver system.

It quickly produces clear bright silver on glass.

HE-650 System

A high efficiency (HE), 2-part pouring silver system.

It produces bright silver on glass in 1-2 minutes.

L-14, N-28 System

This system quickly produces a robust, conductive, and highly detailed film on photoresist and other polymer substrates.

L-19 N-26 Silver Solution Suite

This suite is the preferred silvering system for plating vinyl.

L-400, N-400 System

A slower, more controlled reaction than the L-14/N-28 suite in producing a robust, conductive, and highly detailed film on photoresist and other polymer substrates.

It is useful for difficult-to-wet substrates and when an extreme degree of accuracy is required.

S-30 Silver

This is a concentrated silver solution for electroplating.

Solutions, coatings, equipment, and supplies

  • Sensitizing Solutions – These liquid concentrates are formulated specifically for hard-to-wet surfaces such as waxes, plastics, rubber, and silk screen inks. They also offer high reliability when used on old and new glass.
  • Mirror Backing Paints – We offer a variety of lead-free, durable air-dry lacquers and temperature-cured mirror backing paints. These have been formulated to protect tarnish and resist salt air atmosphere and ultra-violet light.
  • Solvents & Thinners – Our thinners and solvents are of superior quality. Unlike some competitive products, they are produced from 100% virgin stocks rather than recycled chemicals which can introduce contaminants into mirror backing paints.
  • Polishing Compounds – These products are used throughout the glass industry for polishing, scratch removal, and general cleaning. Their unique abrasive properties are ideal for polishing glass surfaces, including automotive windshields, mirrors, lenses, and other optical components. Our compounds gently remove microscopic surface irregularities and scratches, leaving a smooth, polished finish when combined with water to form a slurry.
  • Silver Strippers – When re-silvering old mirrors, use these dry powders, diluted with water, to remove old silver and copper from glass. They do not have the fumes associated with acid strippers and can also be used on silk-screened mirrors or for cleaning deposits on equipment.
  • Degreasers & Wetting Agents – Cleaning glass and plastic surfaces before sensitization and silvering is critical. Our products can remove oils, organic residues, and fingerprints from ceramic and plastic surfaces. Hard-to-wet surfaces can then be more amenable to silvering for reflection, decoration, or electroforming.
  • Equipment & Supplies – Precision flow control can be set on our silver spray guns through the dual adjustable nozzles. Stainless steel is used wherever fluids encounter the equipment.
  • Chemicals – We also sell other chemicals that are instrumental to the silvering process, such as methanol, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, ammonia, etc.

With over seventy years in the business, Peacock Labs has accumulated an extensive knowledge of coatings of silver, gold, copper, other metals, and polymers. Feel free to check out our offerings either online or by contacting us by phone or email to get more information.

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