Chemicals, solutions, coatings, equipment, and supplies for the manufacturing of mirrors and the metalizing of various substrates. Representative samples of solution and paint batches are carefully checked in our laboratory, assuring that the product will perform successfully for the intended purpose.

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Silvering Solutions

The High Efficiency (HE) -300 is used extensively by the hand-silvering and recording industries. It is a three part sludgeless system where two of the solutions are mixed together before use. Besides the increased efficiency in depositing more silver with less waste, the adhesion of silver to glass is improved when using this product. The formulation is flexible so that variations in reaction times can be attained by heating or varying the concentration of solutions. Solutions can be applied with conveyor systems, hand sprayed or poured. See direction sheets for mixing instructions. When ordering silvering chemicals, be aware of their shelf life. Storage in a cool dark place prolongs shelf life. Refrigeration is recommended but not necessary. Store containers tightly capped.

Shelf Life: Silver Solution “A”: 1-2 yr.; Activator Solution “B”: 6-9 months; Reducer Solution “C”: 1-2 yr..

antique mirror

Sensitizing Solutions

Formulated specifically for hard to “wet surfaces” such as waxes, plastics, rubber, and silk screen inks, this liquid concentrate is also excellent on old and new glass.

Also used on silvering conveyors with long “laytime” between the tin rinse and the silvering section. Some formulations are concentrates; use 2-4 ounces per gallon of deionized water. The amount of wetting required will determine the exact mix.

Shelve lives vary between 6 months to over one year (see respective product listings). Keep the bottle tightly capped and in a cool dark place. A diluted solution has a pot life of 24 hours and must be made fresh daily.


Mirror Backing Paints

Used alone as a clear finish, a one way mirror is created. On antique mirrors where the copper layer must not show through, it can be used as a “copper free” prime coat followed by a top coat.

Hubble Telescope Backup Mirror 641x028

Solvents and Thinners

Our thinners and solvents are top grade. Unlike some cheaper brands, they are refined from new stock and are purer than those refined from reclaimed or recycled materials.

To prevent the introduction of contaminants into mirror backing paints, we recommend the use of our solvents and thinners.

Air Spraying Silvering

Polishing Compounds

Cerium Oxide (CeO) is used throughout the glass industry for polishing, scratch removal, and general cleaning. Peacock Labs offers three grades of CeO perfect for nearly every mirror or glass project.

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Silver Strippers

Whether you are looking to remove silver and copper from glass when resilvering or for removing silver deposits from the face of mirrors, here are several options for stripping glass projects. Proper ventilation is required by the user to handle the corrosive fumes associated with hydrochloric acid (see our equipment section for respirators).

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Equipment & Supplies

The tools of the trade are diverse and many commercial shops have spraying systems that will properly utilize our silvering products. If your shop needs to update your application tools, needs to repair your tools, or want to purchase brand new tools, Peacock Labs stocks a wide array of sprayers, repair kits, and accessories to ensure the project is “done right”.

photo of an air sprayer in use


To assist our customers with their commercial and artistic mirroring projects, Peacock Labs stocks and sells many different chemicals. The following are some of the chemicals currently available. If there is something your project requires but is not listed in our e-store, please call us for availability and pricing.

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Looking for something not listed here?

While we strive to offer everything necessary to restore and create mirrors every project is unique. If your project requires something not found in our e-store, please give us a call at (215) 729-4400.