This issue is usually observed for a few reasons:

  1. One or more of the chemicals you have are expired or very close to expiring. To find out the shelf-life of your solution, click here. Then click on the shelf-life document to open it and figure out if your solution has expired or not. Most users find that expired reducer or sensitizer is the culprit. Make sure to replace the expired/stale chemicals prior to your next application attempt.
  2. Overspray can also cause some cloudiness. You can use a polishing agent, such as our 4F pumice, to remove the overspray of silver from the face of your glass if that seems to be the problem.
  3. If the sensitizer is not rinsed off properly or sits on the surface for too long, you may see some issues. Make sure to follow instructions in applying and rinsing sensitizer in timely manner.
  4. Over-reducing can also cause cloudiness. Follow the recommended dilutions for reducer. If you have, then dilute a bit more to see if the issue improves.
  5. High humidity (above 70%) can also cause these issues. Try to reapply when ambient environment presents less humidity.