Mirror Backing Paints

  • #175 Mirror Backing Paint

    The #175 Mirror Backing Paint is a resilient, dark gray, unleaded, air-dried paint used to add an extra layer as a tough top coat over the Copper Tite Vehicle #3 (with or without copper powder). This paint cannot be applied directly to silver. Apply with the usual methods of brush, spray, roller or curtain coating. This semi-gloss paint is a high solids paste and is economical to use. May be thinned with #178 Mirror-Backing Thinner. Use a thinning ratio of between 2:1 to 1:1 paint paste to thinner. Approximate coverage is 650 Square feet per gallon.
  • The #390 Gray Mirror Backing Paint is specially formulated to serve as a protective coating on silver for decorative applications. This high-solids (more than 60%), lead-free coating can be applied directly on silver or on top of copper to provide superior protection for silver from corrosion. The paint can be applied using brush, spray, roller, or curtain coating. May be thinner with a variety of solvents to meet stringent air quality standards. Use a thinning ratio of between 2:1 and 1:1 paint to thinner. Approximate coverage is 500 square feet per gallon.  
  • Copper Powder

    Peacock Copper Powder is a specially prepared powder made from copper metal. Use with Copper Tite Vehicle #3 in the Peacock non-electrolytic copper mirror backing process. Recommended mix: 6 pounds Copper Powder to 4 gallons Copper Tite Vehicle #3.
    This item must ship as hazmat goods and is assessed an additional hazmat fee.
  • Copper Tite Vehicle #3

    Copper Tite Vehicle #3 is a crystal-clear, durable air-dry lacquer that provides superior tarnish protection and remarkable resistance to salt-air atmosphere as well as superior resistance to ultra-violet light. Formulated without harmful organic compounds, it has special ingredients that chemically bond to the copper or the silver layer of a mirror. It can be used in different ways as a mirror backing paint. Used alone as a clear finish, a one way mirror is created. On antique mirrors where the copper layer must not show through, it can be used as a "copper free" prime coat followed by a top coat of, for example, the #175 mirror backing. When it is mixed with the Peacock Copper Powder, it forms the basis of Peacock's non-electrolytic copper backing process. In this process, a specially prepared copper powder is dispersed in the copper tite vehicle and then sprayed onto silver forming a copper-polymer prime coat. Top with #175 Mirror Backing Paint. Thin with #281 Standard Thinner.
  • Iron Powder

    Iron Powder for use with mirror backing and/or copper plating prior to mirror backing.
    This item must ship as hazmat goods and is assessed an additional hazmat fee.

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