Polishing Compounds

Polishing Compounds

  • 4F Pumice

    The 4F Pumice is a very fine abrasive for polishing before silvering and for removing silver over-spray from the face of mirrors.
  • Cerium Oxide #90

    Peacock Cerium Oxide (CeO) #90 is formulated with a slightly lower cerium content and without the suspension treatment. This material is cost effective for a variety of applications, including flat glass, mirrors, TV/CRT face plates, windshields, and precision cleaning. Stock removal rates and surface quality yields are excellent. Average particle size is 3.4 microns with a pH value of 6.5.
  • Red Rouge

    Peacock Red Rouge is a very fine grade of iron oxide rouge used for block polishing and cleaning of glass. Use prior to silvering. Degreasing and polishing may be combined in one step by adding #87 cleaner to the red rouge slurry before polishing.


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