Solvents & Thinners

Solvents & Thinners

  • The #178 Mirror Backing Thinner is a mineral spirits blend to be used with #175 Mirror Backing Paint for reduction and clean up.

  • The #281 Standard & Mirror Backing Thinner is a specially-refined form of xylene for use with the Copper Tite Vehicle #3, Permalac products, and other standard backing paints. Use when the ambient temperature is 50°F to 65°F. Thin Pemalac Original, EF 20% when spraying. No thinner will be needed for brushing unless you notice brush strokes or irregularities.

  • #500 Retarding Thinner

    The #500 Retarding Thinner is a Glycol Ether solvent added to a paint mix to retard its drying time in hot weather applications. It should be used to extend flow time and prevent solvent blush when working in high temperatures or high relative dew points. This will make Permalac/lacquer take around an hour to set up. It can also be used as a cleaner for finishing metals. Use between 5% and 10%. Use when humidity exceeds 85%.
  • #69 Warm Weather Thinner

    #69 Thinner is a medium speed lacquer thinner. Use when the ambient temperature is 66°F to 85°F. When spraying, thin 20%. If the Permalac is drying too quickly, and you notice blush or any other adverse effects, you can increase this to 30%. When brushing, thin 10%.


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