Solvents & Thinners

  • The #178 Mirror Backing Thinner is a mineral spirits blend to be used with #175 Mirror Backing Paint for reduction and clean up.
  • The #281 Standard & Mirror Backing Thinner is a specially-refined form of xylene for use with the Copper Tite Vehicle #3, Permalac products, and other standard backing paints.
  • #500 Retarding Thinner

    The #500 Retarding Thinner is a Glycol Ether solvent added to a paint mix to retard its drying time in hot weather applications. It can also be used as a cleaner for finishing metals.
  • #69 Warm Weather Thinner

    The #69 Warm Weather thinner is a blended solvent for reducing Copper Tite Vehicle #3 and standard backing paints for faster drying under colder conditions. It is also great for cleaning metal surfaces before painting and for clean up. The #69 Warm Thinner is quick-acting and fast drying.

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